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Our Collies

We are stepping back from raising Collies to focus on our Corgis as of July 2021.

All of our AKC Collies are rough coated.  We love their gorgeous coats, but they are a commitment to keep up with. They enjoy dashing around the farm, keeping the goats cows and kids in line, adventuring with the kids, jogging with mom and lounging in the sun.They aren't nearly as addicted to food as our Corgis are. They love to "mother" our children and sometimes hover. They are so kind, they always make you feel noticed and cared for. They are very quick to learn, faithful companions, cheerful, friendly, beautiful, adventurous & loyal.

AKC collies
Collie Health

We are very concerned about Collie health and are committed to bettering the breed. We incorporate important DNA testing into our breeding program, including Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA), Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), Grey Collie Syndrome,VonWillebrand's, and MDR1. We are members of the Collie Health Foundation.

*In the unlikely event any of our puppy owners, for any reason, need to re-home their dog Highland Meadows will always welcome them back.

collies in oregon
We are no longer raising Collie puppies at this time. As of July 2021.
Collies puppies in oregon
More about Collies

The Rough Collie is a dog as beautiful in temperament as in body. Originally bred to assist the shepherd in the care and protection of his flock, the modern Collie still possesses the fine qualities of his Scottish herding ancestors: gentleness, intelligence, and loyalty, making him especially well suited for family life. His willingness to work closely with his master makes him an excellent performance or service dog. An exceptional dog with children, the Collie's devotion to his family is legendary. Because his primary focus is on his people, the Collie adapts well to either city or country life. -Westminster Kennel Club

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AKC Collies in Oregon


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