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Our Corgi puppy flight service

All U.S. States

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Our Corgi puppy flight service

Looking for a "Corgi puppy near me"? What if it didn't matter how close you lived to the puppy you love? Kind of like true love, distance shouldn't be a hindrance. We are taking locality out of the equation. We offer flight nanny service exclusively for our puppies. Hand delivered to you by the actual breeder who lovingly raised your Corgi. My husband David or I (Keslie) will accompany your puppy via airline ANYWHERE IN THE U.S. to your nearest airport and meet you there!

Where are our puppies?

The list of states and provinces are expanding! Currently, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Nebraska, Texas, Wisconsin, Tennessee, New York, Flordia and British Columbia.


How does it work?

Your puppy will travel, in-cabin, in a soft sided pet carrier accompanied by David or Keslie. We make sure and bring toys, treats, sanitary items and comfort to ensure the best travel experience possible. As the buyer you will be expected to cover the flight cost and the airline's pet fee. We will request the travel cost in full and when received immediately book the flight ourselves. We take care of all the coordinating. We will meet you in baggage claim at your nearest airport.


How much does it cost?

  • The cost of the airfare.

  • The airline pet fee.

  • Airport parking for the breeder. That's it! There are no extra hidden costs. This is a complimentary service we offer only for our puppy owners. We do not charge for our time. Only the cost to get your puppy to you. Ballpark estimate, this is usually $500.

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In good hands.

Know that your puppy will be in expert care. There is no one who knows your puppy better at this point than their breeder. The care and attention we provide during travel is the best they can receive.

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